I was all ready to break up the ingredients of my remaining two hello fresh meals after I made my last post. I even put the chunk of ginger root from the rice bowl recipe into a beer sampling glass and put it in the windowsill to sprout (we’ll see if this works). HOWEVERR, a loyal reader requested that I do the remaining recipes and review them here. I KNOW, I’m shocked too. First, I have loyal readers? Second, they comment and request things?! It’s a miracle.

Update on the nasty rotten asparagus from last time: Hello fresh gave me a $20 credit that I will never use because that would still make their boxes WAY THE HELL out of my budget. I was okay with this until I told Teacher 3 and she said the same thing happened to her with hello fresh but with a red pepper and SHE got an ENTIRE FREE BOX. WTF HELLO FRESH.

So anyway, here is hello fresh’s “Pesto Flatbread (Posh Pizza)”.

Here is everything that came in the little box:


I got excited when I saw the brown wrapping because TO ME  pizza = cheese. I know that the mozzarella is there, and that fancy pizza never has a great deal of cheese but I had HIGH HOPES. Which were dashed, because that’s just a nicely wrapped zucchini. ;_; Which is fine. I’m a vegetarian, I like vegetables. Plus I got to shave off a chunk for Tippy who begrudgingly loves zucchini.

My only real comment on the ingredients is that there was a LOT of broccoli related food waste.


I like broccoli stems. I should have kept them but this was weird long, fancy broccoli and I was worried that I wasn’t supposed to eat the stems. Fancy produce intimidates me. You know how there’s that fancy fish that is mostly poisonous? What if this broccoli was the same way?!?!?!?!

me, chopping broccoli, probably

So anyway, someday when I’m rich and I have a yard (never) I’ll have a compost heap and then I’ll never feel bad about food waste! BUT FOR NOW, I threw away more than half of the broccoli that hello fresh gave me.

This time the recipe called for a DRIZZLE of oil which I wish had been the direction for the goddamadsnmfdsnfg pasta because drizzle, to me, means a smallish amount and it worked out fine unlike my pasta sauce which turned out to be literally half oil.

So pretty!!!!

I don’t have a lot of snarky things to say about this recipe because it was actually quite good. I even didn’t mind that the sauce on the pizza was pesto and not marinara, which I normally don’t like. I think the addition of sun-dried tomatoes fixed the part of my brain that would have rebelled against a pizza with no tomatoey goodness. Also, I was VERY pleased with how much topping ended up on the flatbreads. I hate when you go to a restaurant and order a pizza flatbread and it’s two little circles of mozzarella and like, a mushroom. That’s not pizza! That’s bread. That shouldn’t cost money at a nice restaurant, that should be given to me FOR FREE so I can fill up and only spend 6 bucks on a small salad.

You know it’s a good amount of toppings when they all spill off and you get to eat the droppings all up at the end of your meal om nom nom nom 




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