You know that feeling when all your credit cards are maxed out and you have approximately 6 dollars to last you the 10 days until pay day AND it’s t-minus 20 days til Xmas?!?!?!? HAHAHA I DON’T THIS IS JUST A HYPOTHETICAL FEELING. I am a Real Adult and I manage money so, so well.

This gif is entirely unrelated to my financial situation

So despite the fact that I am an insanely well-paid public school educator who doesn’t need any help with money ever I’ve started thinking I need to go back to budgeting.

I know what you’re thinking! “GODAMMIT KAILA, YOU STARTED THIS BLOG TO WRITE ABOUT YOUR BUDGET” I know, I know, calm down. The truth is I did SO WELL the first two months of this blog/this budget that I got COCKY and once I get COCKY it all goes downhill.

This is what came up when I googled rooster going downhill. I chickened (HA) out of googling cock going downhill, but let me know what happens. 

So I’m admitting defeat WHILE ALSO admitting that I can TRY, TRY AGAIN!

In my effort to accept my defeat and move on to even greater budgeting heights I did what any American does when they need help: I googled “how to accept failure and move on”. Lots of results came up, so that’s pretty encouraging. We all fail! I wanted to read an article from a reliable source so I did what I tell my students to do “if you’ve heard of the source before there’s a better chance it’s legit” (this is real advice I give, and before you say anything please remember I’m a science teacher and I have a lot to teach the middle school kiddos without getting into scholarly sources okaaaaaaay). One result was from – as a VERY WEALTHY and BUSINESSY person I know that Forbes is some sort of magazine. So please join me in my journey of making myself feel better, as I break down “Five Ways to Make Peace with Failure”

  1. “Don’t make it personal” – done. My self worth is COMPLETELY in tact francocry
  2. “Take stock, learn, and adapt” – why DID I fail? I’m gonna have to say it is because budgeting is hard. Why is budgeting hard? Probably because everything that is great costs a lot of money. I live a very luxe life. Sometimes, my friend Ginz gives me coupons for fancy home recipe delivery boxes and I cook up all the food and pretend that I’ll be able to afford NOT cancelling my subscription. Have you noticed that those boxes think that human beings are tiny mice who eat tiny mice portions?! I should make a post about that.
  3. “Stop dwelling on it” – this one is hard because I fucked up so bad I’m reminded of my fuck up every time I want to buy a cheap little thing. The other day I went to the gym and I was like “oh, I forgot my water bottle, I’ll just buy a bottle of water he-OH WAIT I can’t. I CAN’T BUY A 3 DOLLAR BOTTLE OF WATER.” Or I’m like. Hmm salsa and pasta sauce are basically the same thing right BECAUSE I CAN ONLY GET ONE. Wow, I’m doing an awesome job of not dwelling.
  4. “Release the need for approval of others” – this one is easy as long as no one knows I fucked up my budget WAIT
  5. “Try a new point of view” – not “damn I cocked up the budget” but “wow, my intentional 10 month budget hiatus really gave me a good perspective on how I’m so fucking broke”. IDK about this one.



Tune in next time for very possible further failure!!!!!



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