Snowzilla Fever: A Rope of Sand

This post is dedicated to Laura Kim, in memory of Snowmaggeden 2010: AKA that time we spent 18 hours on a gossip blog’s Star Trek-themed livejournal community. 

I meant to start writing this as soon as the snow started falling BUT the devil on my shoulder (Gins) invited me out for one last night of civilization before the storm. At first I couldn’t imagine leaving the comfort of my box of wine and the latest season of American Horror Story. But then, Michael went to bed to sleep off the last of his cold and I realized that I had about 72 hours of house arrest before me, and only about 6 hours of AHS left. So the angel on my shoulder (also Gins) convinced me to frolic outside while I still could.

Another budget-busting night later (goddammit Jonas!! Couldn’t you have michaelmesnowwaited until February??) I ended up sleeping until 3:30pm and missing the beginning of the snow completely. I will sum up the rest of my Friday, quickly, as I was only awake for about 7 hours of it.

First, Michael informed me that he had been up since a reasonable hour and felt much better. So we decided to go on a walk through downtown.

Next, I made some really delicious spaghetti squash with vodka sauce IT WAS maybe the greatest thing I have ever accomplished.

Then I watched American Horror Story for about 4 hours THAT’S IT. So now I can start live-blogging, like I always intended.

Saturday, January 23rd, 2016.

8:34am: I woke to a neighbor digging his car out of the snow. Michael and I watched him for a long time, just waiting for him to give up. He never did! He even drove somewhere and came back, incredible.

11:17am: I have twenty minutes of American Horror Story: Hotel left and I am devastated. Why is there only 12 episodes in this season? I would LITERALLY watch Iris and Liz Taylor just hanging out, doing nothing for hours in order for this season to never end.

The costumes and sets are awesome this season BUT CAN WE TALK ABOUT EVERYBODY’S MAKEUP?


I just couldn’t keep watching this parade of glitter while I sat in nothing but sweaters and

Guess who my biggest inspiration was (it was Sally)

chapped lips so I stopped and did my makeup with NO intention of leaving the house during the next 36 hours.

Everyone has amazing nails in AHSH too. I think my next snowtivity will be doing my nails but it will NOT be very satisfying because my nails are brittle and stubby and everyone in this show has gorgeously long and fake talons and my natural nails just cannot compete. And as much as I’m positive that the CVS down the street is open, I have already destroyed my fun budget for the month, and failing at my budget completely because of a set of fake nails seems a little sad (just a little)

12:18am: Michael and I got into a conversation about the albums that meant the most to us during our teenage years and I think to an outside observer they will seem like the exact same albums BUT I assure you they are completely, sort of, kind of, different.

Michael’s is American Idiot by Green Day and mine is a toss-up between In Love and Death by The Used and Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge by My Chemical Romance.

Oh god, they even have the same color scheme

I have NO shame about this. And I don’t think Michael does either. 2004 was an amazing time to have FEELINGS. Our conversation revealed what I think we already knew about our respective taste in music: Michael is a concept-album kind of guy and I’m an emotional dumping ground kind of lady (TO WIT: Michael’s favorite MCR album is The Black Parade! And that is my least favorite! HOW ARE WE TOGETHER). This conversation led me to save the last twenty minutes of AHS and listen to In Love and Death over and over while reading about it online. It’s still great. Is it melodramatic to say I feel more connected to this album than ever? Probably. But, what I am supposed to do when my strongest interest in music occurred during the mid-2000’s?! THIS STUFF IS LEGIT, GUYS.

1:29pm: I’m done with AHS:H and now my life lacks purpose. Please leave suggestions for what to watch in the comments. Until then, it’s back to Hoarders FOR MEE


One thought on “Snowzilla Fever: A Rope of Sand

  1. Dat make up! 👏😍

    I have so many feelings about all three of those albums. (As I’m sure you know! 😘) In theory Three Cheers is vaguely concept, but obviously not as comprehensive in narrative as TBP or AI. We could discuss the similarities and differences all day, but the fact that these remain relevant emotionally for over a decade later shows that these dudes were on to something. I honestly just listened to AI all the way through for the first time in a loooong time on Monday while working on my sales reports and it’s still fucking amazing. I feel differently, certainly more introspective, than I did about them when I was 15 and not paying attention in Spanish 2, but no less passionate. And now I’m going to put on In Love and Death because how can I not???

    Also, I think it’s no coincidence that this was also my red/black hair period in my life. No shame.

    Also also, in my train of thought I think I have a few never used nail kits that I can’t use anymore in my drawer, remind me to grab them for you! Someone has to be fabulous!

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